Thursday, April 29, 2010


Annie has recently started making glovelettes, or, what she affectionately calls "hand panties". They're made out of vintage night gowns, with handmade buttons and comfy stretch lace. They're quite lovely in stripes and pastels.

the infamous double cab

This Volkswagen is so cool that pedestrians were urged to drop the f-bomb in admiration as we drove it to the photography site. This Volkswagen, the first double cab ever, is very rare, and is very for sale. We photographed it for the seller (find his add on eBay) and then photographed each other in it's coolness.


As we were photographing Elisabeth, we were approaches by a rather unkempt man who leaned in to the car to speak to Jake and said "Hey, nice models." To which Jake simply said, "Well thank you."
We laughed a bit, especially about the pluralization on "model".


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