Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Mad Tea Party

We drove out to our hometown to collaborate with Sharon Brooks on this tea party. Sharon, who just so happens to be Jacob's mother (here seen as the Queen of Hearts), is the number one most fantastic party creator of all time. She created the entire event, and we pitched in with a few tarts, marzipan mushrooms, a curtain-laden photobooth and a spool-topped cake. She made Jacob and little Emalee's mad hats from scratch,  and made the outrageous flowers, intricate labels, her outfit, an enormous amount of delicious food, and outfitted nearly the entire decadent event with local second hand finds. Mad hats off to you, Sharon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Riley and Kristy

Riley and Kristy got married at the family's camp, Cross Bar X. It was a beautiful, high desert wedding, complete with lawn games, lake swimming, a giant swing, skilled dancers, nearly 20 cakes, live Celtic music and dance, and almost 30 pairs of green Converse. Kristy's dress was handmade locally by Cinny Mills and was a combination of friend's and family's old wedding dresses. All of the ties and sashes were handmade, and the entire wedding was organized, planned and artfully created by their friends and family.


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