Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Second Annual Autumn Ball

 I say, if a decadent party comes to mind, throw it! This is was our second year throwing the Autumn Ball with the Kairallas. The parents left town, and let us wreak havoc on their home; letting their children stay up too late, using up all of the creme, and throwing a classical, 100-guest ball in their living room. As is customary, invitations were handmade and sent out only 6 days before the event. Jake dove into a sea of fondent, creating exquisite cakes and deserts, all from scratch, and we all worked for 3 solid days to create a palace for a 3 -hour fairytale. And a fairytale is was, indeed!


We've had the pleasure of knowing Chris for a long time, and it's surreal that his senior year has come so quickly. We were honored to take his photographs, and had a fun and easy time working with him.

Tony & Mary

We had a blast getting to know Mary and Tony, and they had us laughing the whole time. Our Brumley-and-Wells-made banner and bouquet just so happened to match perfectly with the outfits they had styled for their shoot, and the day was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations, you two!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Zicks

How can you go wrong with a happy, beautiful family and crispy leaves? We had a great time making crackling footsteps with the Zicks all over 3rd avenue.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


We all had a fabulous time exploring Abby's family ranch of 75 acres. The sunset lasts forever up on their mesa, the animals are healthy and happy, and the land is chalk-full of old treasures and strange antique contraptions. Abby is one of the sweetest gals around. She's a pro dancer, an animal lover, and makes everyone around her feel great. 


Dillon is a hansom young man with mad hops, a refined taste for the color green, and an obvious sense of adventure - not to mention the fact that he's an all around great guy. 


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