Friday, December 31, 2010


 These monsters are the product Jake and Annie teamwork. Their bodies are made from 100% alpaca wool, and their fearsome claws, teeth (or tooths), eyes, horns and antlers are made from polymer clay. The brown fellow has a hand-whittled pegleg, and is inspired by a so-ugly-he's-beautiful bulldog that we met on one of our adventures. The lady yeti is wearing a cap that was hand-crocheted from embroidery floss. They both have little canine footpads, which you cannot see in the photograph, as well as very shapely bottoms, and dangerous claws on their hands.


This is Babette. She is handmade by Annie from 100% wool, vintage fabrics and leathers, and a generous helping of excitement. Her silk-lined bag is also handmade, and her tiny scroll contains her biography, also written by Annie, and posted below:

Meet Babette. Babette is the granddaughter of Francois Lapin, who is famed for being the first rabbit to have painted Napolean, and to paint at all, for that matter. Babette loves vintage clothing, social dance and treasure maps. She spends her free time walking her pet grasshopper, Michel, reading 17th century adventure novels, and singing Edit Piaf songs at the local speakeasy on Saturday nights. Her favorite food is carrot creme bisque (which she prefers in a piping hot thimble) and it is rumored that she keeps an extensive bug collection behind her shelf of boots. Babette hopes that someday she can meet Frank Sinatra, attend a fashion show in Tokyo, and be featured on Julia Child's television show with her carrot creme bisque recipe.
Babette is wearing a scarf made from salvaged vintage fabric, and scrunchy boots made from an antique lady's glove, which was found in a hat box, beneath a heaping pile of vintage corsets in America's wild west.

Francesca and Théodore

Théodore and Francesca, made by hand by Annie. These long-legged rabbits are made from 100% local wool. They also come with their own stories. And for a good read, here are their biographies, also written by Annie.....

Francesca: Francesca was born to Antoinette and Jean d-Automne. She was raised outside of Brussels where she was privately schooled in ballet, fencing, and classical botany. After being relocated to Paris in the 2nd Rabbit Revolution, Francesca experienced great hardship in the slums of the city. During a vehement sword fight with slumlord Marin de Nuit, Francesca's skill, grace, and outstandingly long legs caught the eye of a talent scout for the French silver screen. Within three weeks, Francesca was a star, and spent her money to resettle her people to High Street, where they enjoy the luxuries of safety, education, and honest work. Francesca moved to the US in 2010 to pursue her dream of staring in American films.
Francesca loves stripes, 1920s textiles, Mars Bars and salt shakers. She is reputed among young rabbits for her delicious rose garden, and her giant pet canary, whom she has taught to sing Ella Fitzgerald covers. Her favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are, and she hopes that someday she can beet Ginger Rogers, Robin Hood, Coco Chanel and Bambi. 
Francesca is wearing a vintage scarf and a handmade flower headband, with clay from America's wild west.

Théodore: Théodore  was born an orphan rabbit, left in a carrot row. He was found and adopted by a band of gypsies who taught him to scrap, curse, make delicious pastries, and appreciate Django Reinhardt. They nicknamed him "Scout" because of his cowboy-like tendencies and his skill in roping the wildest junebugs. His longing for a wife brought him to the city, where he attempted to run a carrot stand by the harbour. Alas, his rugged appearance and likelihood to spit in public caught the attention of the Etiquette Society, who promptly exiled him to Colorado. He currently lives in Durango, where he runs his own pastry shoppe, and has plans to rob the Durango-Silverton train. Théodore loves John Wayne films, low fat ice cream, and live auctions. He is reputed for his French/cowboy drawl, his reluctance to buy a cellular telephone, his fine taste in waistcoats, and his peculiar top hat, which he purchased at a rather fierce auction.
Théodore is wearing a waistcoat made from a lady's antique leather glove found in a hatbox beneath a pile of vintage corsets in the wild west, and he is sporting a 100% wool top hat, gracefully embellished with a guinea hen feather. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Frosty Dreamland....

 It was a misty, quiet day in Mancos, CO, where we spent our time in in the wiles of Western Colorado. We love the Bianchi family, and they treated us to big mugs of frothy hot cocoa after this occasion.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Feathers and Fancy Free - Part II

Feathers and Fancy Free - Part I

Once in a blue moon, a photoshoot turns into magic. This was one of those seldom occasions. We had a great time styling this shoot, and an even better time documenting it. The laughter was contagious, and by the time we left, it looked as if a Phoenix had molted in the middle of the forest. 
The inscription on the inside of their Christmas card (written by Brumley and Wells) is as follows:
"With a teaspoon of whimsy and cupful of love, 
With four feather pillows and one patient dove, 
From a forest of auburn, all golden and clear, 
We wish you a leapingly laughfull New Year."

...and indeed we do.


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