Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dundalk, Ireland

 This is lovely Dundalk, Ireland, and the surrounding area. We've had such a great time here, soaking in great weather and even better company. I'm afraid we'll have to come back. 

The Boyle's Home (Part II)

 The Boyle's home in Dundalk, Ireland has got to be one of the more comfortable, restful and beautiful places we've stayed. But, as beautiful as it is, the house is nothing compared to the Boyle's themselves. Our time spent with them made the whole trip. 

The Boyle's Home (Part I)

 On our last stay in Ireland, we spent the majority of our time backpacking, sleeping in hostels, and enduring the Irish bus systems, which was without a doubt a particular kind of fun.  This trip, however, has been quite different in form.  We've been inundated with the luxuries of warm showers, private sleeping quarters, and spectacular Irish hospitality at the Boyle's home in Dundalk.   This is the guest bathroom right outside our room.  Isn't it lovely

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Single Release!

Annie's "Up, Up, Up" single is finally up on iTunes! If you've been craving a song about crows, pirates, hot air balloons, books, and tea, then this is most certainly the song for you. 
Jacob designed the album artwork. Isn't it perfect?


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