Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gold & Aquamint Valentine

The idea of a holiday that celebrates love, and gives us an excuse to share tokens of our love for each other is absolutely wonderful. We decided to do a Valentines shoot, but wanted to avoid the traditional colors of red, pink and purple. Instead, we used a palate that we've been totally obsessing over lately; gold, aquamint, white and linen. We wanted to give the shoot a fresh, natural, woodland mood, and wanted a big portion of the shoot to focus on the idea of writing letters. (Receiving love letters is my favorite part of Valentines Day.) I hand painted the woodland Valentine cards for this shoot, and Jacob used incorporated those paintings into the invitation and other printables. I finished it off with some hand done calligraphy. 
The dress was a concept I've had for a while, and my best friend, Whitney Watts created it by hand. I made the headpieces, arrowed heart,  stole (with help from Whitney), rings, brooch, and caketopper, and Jacob made the cake. The tweed blazer, Peter Fox shoes, Breyer deer, and the entire place setting was salvaged from local thrift stores. Blossom of Durango made us this absolutely perfect bouquet. They really created a piece of art that added so much elegance to the shoot. I love the aspen bark that holds the bouquet together. The Oakhaven Permaculture Center was kind enough to let us tromp around their aspen grove.
Lauren Balenti was the perfect model for this shoot, and I had so much fun doing her hair, makeup, and candy striped nails for her. 


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