Friday, July 6, 2012


Jake and I both enjoy a broad palate of artistic mediums. Sometimes in the business of the wedding season, we crave to create art in different forms. This Naturalist styled shoot served as a great way to satisfy some of that desire. We were so excited to use Wendy Francisco's land in Northern Colorado. Her ranch is a natural wonderland, filled with flowers, succulents, and what we call "Narnian" animals. Wendy is an outstanding artist, musician, writer, and a renaissance Jill-of-all-trades. She created this stunning bouquet for us using plants and flowers from her own land, and a few succulents from Creekside Garden Center. Eva Holbrook, of the band SHEL, is a world class vocalist, writer and mandolin player. She absolutely rocks the house, and you simply must go hear it. Jake and I designed and created the invitations together, in an attempt to blend classic naturalist print style with the latest spin on calligraphy. Jake created this beautiful, succulent-topped cake, and I handmade Eva's dress. We made the jewelry from stones we found on the property, and handmade the ring from materials that we rummaged from the art studio on the land. We created the butterfly seating chart from butterflies that Wendy drew. I made the hairpiece from fresh plants found right in the front yard, and we were thrilled to feature some of the gorgeous animals that were following us around. 

Bouquet - Wendy Francisco
Dress, Cake, Jewelry, Hair Piece, Calligraphy, & Invitations - Brumley & Wells
Model - Eva Holbrook (SHEL)


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